Aside from the many task that we do for commercial, residential and industrial, we also handle service addition and home surge protection. We take pride in giving the quality of service that our clients deserve. We will not choose a job. There is no project that’s too small or too big for us. We will handle everything that you will need. Our goal is to make the community safe and worry free. We intend to do that by doing our job well.

Home surge protection

Everyone uses a surge protection extension cord. That is if whenever they are plugging their home computer and other appliances at home. But modern homes nowadays is full of sensitive of devices that can also take advantage of the surge protection. More than having a lot of extensions that can be an eyesore, most of the homeowners are turning into the whole home surge protection. That is for an added layer of security and protection.

We can be of help to you if a home surge protection is what you need. Our electricians can handle the task and you can be sure that we will do our best to take care of this problem. We can install the whole home surge protection systems right away. Be rest assured that it can happen with a minimal disruption in the lifestyle. We have discovered that these systems is important for every home.

provide safety inspection

offer efficient repair

That is especially true for homes that went through lightning strikes. Those with properties near mountains are prone to lightning strikes and for homes in places that are experiencing power surges from the companies providing them electricity too. There is nothing you can do to stop the power surge from the main source, so what you need to do is to have your home ready for it. We can be of help to you in that matter.

Service panel

We also offer service panel for those who are needing it. Our local electricians can help you in that concern you may have. That is actually the gray box where the circuit breakers are housed. It works as the central hub for the electric service for the entire house or for a commercial establishment. It is an important part in making sure that the electrical facility is safe. On the other hand, it must also be changed over time. It is subject to change after some time. The circuits in the facility must be changed or there must be circuits that should be added to the panel. That way the electricity distribution will be balance.

We can add new circuits in a quick span of time. Doing so can help in accommodating more electric outlets in the facility. That will surely spread the load of the electricity throughout the property. It will prevent any possible circuit from breaking. We normally add up appliances at home and devices too yearly. The service panel should conform to the number of appliances and people using them. The circuits must be designed to handle the possible number of people and appliances in a particular place. The circuits come in different levels of capacity.