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Advantages and Disadvantages of Under the Cabinet Lighting

We, homemakers tend to think of things that can make our homes better looking. We want some parts of the house useful yet functional. Have you ever heard of lighting under the kitchen cabinet? I have been thinking about this when I come up with a better kitchen remodeling plan. The lights underneath the cabinets may be a little bit bulky.

Those that are being used during the 1980 is the T12 florescent. But I am sure, it is not the case anymore. It can make the area warm when it is open. That is annoying in the kitchen. We need to come up with a better option. Because the kitchen is the warmest part of the house. It must not be warmer with the lights on.

Sun City Electrician - fixtures and lighting service

Sun City Electrician can come up with a better idea that will fulfill our goal. That is to put lights under the kitchen cabinet. We need to upgrade the old fixtures and lighting. They are not useful anymore. Besides, they will not conform to the new electricity standards. We must inspect them.

The Electrician Sun City AZ needs to see if the wiring is still good. But we need to prepare ourselves too. Especially if the house we are living in is too old. We need to ask to help us check the entire house. This is an important step to preserve it. It is an important move to keep our family safe. We'll never know the extent of the problem. That is until it went through inspection by electricians.

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Kitchen under the cabinet light options.

  1. T4 strips
  2. This is different compared to the T12 bulbs. It is half inch in diameter. It is sleeker. The modern fluorescent bulbs are better than the old ones. They do not have a time delay when you open the switch. They are not noisy. Their colors are also better now. This can be a good option too. We can ask the Sun City Electrician about a better option.
  3. Puck lights

    They are round in shape and is close to the shape of a hockey puck. They are famous, because of the varied versions. We do not need to plug them in. They do not need hard wire too. But we still need an electrician to help us out in installing them. The Electrician Sun City AZ knows better. We need them for better rewiring. Some of the models are battery operated.

  4. But they come with LED lights. They can be stick to the side of the cabinet. They are good choices for rental kitchens. They can be a good choice if there is no electrician available yet to do the wiring. Before they were available in LED lights, xenon bulbs are being used. But they make the place warm. They are not suited for the kitchen.
  5. Led Strips

    These looks like a fluorescent strip, but the slim type. The life of the LED bulb is longer than that of the fluorescent bulbs. They are not hot like the others. That makes them an advantage over the others in the kitchen. This is quite costly. This fixture is new. So the price is higher too. We can invest on it if it is good for the kitchen.

  6. It will be worth our money if it will last long. It is also available in cool color choices. We can check that out in some shops. We need to do a test to find out how it looks like. We need an external transformer for some models. That is bulky. We need to ask the Sun City Electrician about this. He may come up with a better idea. The transformer might be an eyesore in the kitchen. We needs to do something about it.
  7. The use of LED Rope/ Tape
  8. These are thin fixtures. They are simple to install. They will not make you bumped when you work at the counter table. They will not put lots of light. That makes them nice to look at. That makes them compliment any type of kitchen design. LED tapes are also flexible, so we can move them in whichever way we want. We can ask the Electrician Sun City AZ to help us do the wiring. Or if there is something that needs to be fixed to make it work.
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